Woo Link Still Not Working?


Actually, it’s sort of working, because I decided put the woo_tumblog_the_title in the template after all, just not entirely replacing my title tag. And then I added the woo_tumblog_link_content just above the woo_tumblog_content tag I’d previously added.

So hey, if you click the title link, it’ll lead you to the WooThemes page. Now I just need to figure out adding a graphic to it to highlight the fact that it’s not a normal title link.

Unfortunately for WooTumblog, I did get the Press This Reloaded bookmarklet working on the iPhone somehow… it turns out that whatever page I’m on can’t have extra added cruft in the URL, such as that added by Google Reader. And even then some pages (in the iPhone only) just won’t work because some script is messing things up, but it’s pretty reliable so long as I copy some text to quote, which seems to invoke the plug-in and get the URL turned into a link.

Oy. At least it leads to more quick blogging. Which is a good thing, right? Right?

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