We Has A Guest Room Again!

A good friend from college is currently taking an epic early-retirement trip – she bought an Amtrak USA Rail Pass and she’s been making her way across country from California, visiting friends. She was at the taping of Prairie Home Companion in Minneapolis, and then she hopped on the Empire Builder to get to Chicago. She’ll come out our way tonight on a Metra commuter train, and will stay for a few days.

Meanwhile, we now have a guest room again – after we finished the final floor project, we moved out of the guest room back into the master bedroom and left things in some disarray.

All the snorkel gear and luggage has now been neatly stored in the closet, but there’s plenty of room empty hangar and floor space in there at the “guest” end. The small chest of drawers is now in there again (it had been moved out during the second flooring project) and it’s cleared and ready for use. Everything’s been dusted and tidied. David was a real champion this morning and did the stuff I was planning on doing after I got back from church, so now we’re pretty much ready to welcome our friend.

She won’t be here for about 3 hours, so we’re relaxing by watching Mythbusters – the Sharammer episode. Good times.

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