Christ’s War: A Simple Choice

Candidate Tim D’Annunzio, running for Congress in NC, is so far gone in religious mania that the local GOP is circulating docs from his divorce to show how much crazy he brings. His prayers were not answered, he’s in a runoff, we’ll need more popcorn. Christ’s War: A Simple Choice.
Most of his blogposts consist of lengthy Bible quotes, but his beliefs tend toward the “watched too much Stargate while obsessively highlighting texts in the KJV” end of the spectrum.
His political statements are quite possibly the most seriously disturbing views I’ve ever seen made public by a viable candidate. Good people of North Carolina, please don’t vote for this sad, insane man.

Tomorrow is Election Day. I am asking everyone to pray that I get 40 % of the vote. I have been ahead of the other five candidates since day one. Their focus now is to try to finish second and then hope I don’t get 40 %. In that case there is a runoff election next month.

Not My will but Thy will be done.

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