All Snorked Out

Today being our last full day on Maui (booooooooooo!! WAAAAAAAAH!!) we went for one last snorkel swim at the far end of the beach from the condo. I had been talking big like “Oh, let’s go to this place south of Ka’anapali” that I read about in the Snorkel Maui Lanai and Molokai Guide but in the end my relaxed attitude towards early rising this last week led to some pretty late starts. That’s okay, we’re still on vacation! Anyway, we got our gear out and went down the beach for what turned out to be a pretty enjoyable snorkel. No turtles sighted, which means we’ve seen NO TURTLES AT ALL this trip (drat!) but I did see some fish roe that had been tacked to a rock, and plenty of small and big fish (including the biggest unicornfish yet, and something else that was even bigger that I’ll have to look up).

I just opened up the underwater case my small camera was in and was mostly disappointed with what I got – clearly, something was not set right on it. But I did get a few shots (all from today’s outing except for one of the very big pipefish-thing from Olowalu) that aren’t bad, if a little random. Whatever I photograph tends to swim to the edge of the image by the time I get the shutter depressed… darn.

Goatfish and Convict Tang

But after a little color-correction this one came out okay. I’m sad that some more dramatic stuff I photographed was totally smeared due to too much motion of me in the ocean… heh.

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