Is This Thing On??

Yes, I still have a blog, I’m still a blogger, I’m just… hey, yeah, I have a life but never seem to take the time to frickin’ blog it already! #fb

I’ve been really getting into learning all the stuff I have to know in order to follow the crazy dream of making virtual “stuff” to “sell” on Second Life.

And of course, I’ve been following the national political news, the international news, and the incredible tragedy that is Haiti.

I’ll try to be better about keeping up with my doings, boring and dull as they are. 😉

I was at work until 7pm tonight, it was a horrible horrible busy day, and we were all swamped. Um… what else? I’ve been working out 3 or 4 times a week still, but I’m on some kind of plateau at the moment, still hung up at 215 pounds, but I feel great, and look like I’ve continued to lose fatty flabby stuff… so I guess I’ve been putting on a bit of lean muscle in the meantime, which is fine. I’ve lost a lot of inches around my middle and backside, and pretty much everywhere.

David was sick last week, so we had to miss out on some family events, drat it.

Ummm… Avatar was… amazing… and we saw it at the local Imax theater. In fact, wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

I was pretty horrified yesterday by the recent Supreme Court decision, and felt kind of “goddameh” about the fall of Air America Radio. I guess the only thing that will matter in this country in the future is how much money it’ll take to put a particular point of view across as “the truth.” And everybody will dutifully follow along and accept it because the winners get to set the narrative… unless they forget to tell the story, and then the losers who tell a better narrative actually win.

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