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This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site. There is a pretty simple template provided, but you can customize the templates 100% to match the look and feel of your own site. And if you want, you could also hook it up with Lightbox or any other number of display libraries. – Ibid

Okay, let’s try this again. I had a horrible experience with this Flickr plugin before and thought I had it fixed, but apparently the fixes were blown away by updates and theme changes. I just realized that there were still issues with it, because I noticed someone accessing a Flickr image on my blog using the Flickr Photo Gallery plugin, and it’s from a group again, NOT one of my own photos. This is precisely the behavior that was the problem; people thought I was using their images without permission, but the default settings displayed images from ALL my public groups. I had to laboriously check a HIDE box, and it seems that all the boxes were unchecked every time I upgraded.

But I haven’t found a better photo album plugin, and and the one by Joe Tan of TanTanNoodles has been updated, so I’ll cross my fingers and see what happens.

After downloading, David will need to look at this page, because it discusses some of the problems of unwanted groups continuing to be pulled in, and offers some patches. The links to patches date from before the last update of this blog, but we’ll still have to proceed carefully. The following seems to be very well documented and the plugin author participated in the discussion. It references some of the Flickr support pages and discussions that I haunted back when I had my spot of bother.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Even with all my groups disabled I am still able to display group pages
and photo pages containing images that are not my own.
2. You can generate any group page by simply entering the group ID: (I am not a member of
this group)
3. You can generate any photo page by simply entering the photo ID: (I do not own this photo)

While this behavior doesn’t expose photos or groups that aren’t already
visible to the public, I’ve seen reports of several people being accused of
copyright infringement because photo they did not own were being displayed
on their blog (see links below). I feel that if this issue isn’t resolved
it may result in people abandoning this wonderful plugin.

There should be an option in the preferences that completely disables all
group pages and all photo pages for images uploaded by other users.

The current plugin version is 1.1, and this discussion dates from when it was v.092 and v.093. The home Googlecode wiki for this plugin is here. The patches that are there relate to older versions of the plugin.

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  1. I’m having the most trouble customizing the templates. I do know much about code, but I’m pretty good at manipulating what’s there. Unfortunately, with this plug-in, I’m not sure where to begin. smh

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