Tammy Duckworth, you GO, girl!

Daily Herald | Duckworth blasts McCain over military policy

The former congressional candidate painted McCain as weak on veteran issues, despite his service as a Vietnam War veteran and POW. Duckworth touted Obama’s efforts at boosting GI health care and benefits. Duckworth now is head of the state’s veteran’s affairs department. She recently has been mentioned as a possible successor to Obama in the U.S. Senate should he win.

Here we are in Dublin, Ireland, logging in to check the political news, and find this news item in my “local news” section of Google News. We voted for Tammy when she ran for Congress and were disappointed when she didn’t beat the Republican that got in. And we’d totally support her for the Senate if Obama succeeds in winning the election – that would probably be an appointment by the Gov, Rod Blagojevich.

Yes, yes, yes, if it comes to it, yes to Tammy for Senate.

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