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Can I use my iPhone in England? – Apple – Wireless Forums from AT&T

Yes it will work there.

Make sure you call ATT and have international provisioning add the international roaming feature if you don’t already have it. Its free but you have to ask them to have it added, it comes turned off by default.

Warning – data is EXTREMELY expensive over in Europe — you can ask ATT to turn off your data while you are overseas and turn it back on when you return (They will balk at the request, ask for a supervisor).

Make sure you set your e-mail to manual check, not automatic, and make sure any alerts you get (i.e. weather texts, sports scores, etc) are turned off before you go.

Also – add the International Discount plan for the month you go – it’s 5.95 and gives you a substantial discount for making calls. You can also cancel it when you return.

You will still be able to use WiFi anywhere you can find it — if people want to see it, show it off where you have wifi, otherwise you are going to run up a huge bill.

Rule of thumb for data — a one MB web site download (about ANY regular website, like the Yahoo home page) will cost you about 20.00 on data in England — about 2 cents per KB.

If you leave your data connected – checking your e-mail manually twice per day and replying to 2 or 3, checking the weather once per day, checking a map each day, and checking a website each day (very very minimal data use) will run you about 90 – 100 dollars per week in addition to your phone and text charges.

Text messages are charged at 50 cents per message incoming or outgoing and are not included in your iPlan allotment while in Europe.

This is very helpful… but now to find out if it’s possible to get a better deal somehow. There may be a way… but we may have to settle for enabling a cheap throwaway phone with an O2 simcard.

If you’re not already with O2 or aren’t eligible for the above options, you can use the iPhone on a Pay & Go basis. You just need to get a Pay & Go iPhone SIM card from any O2 store. The iPhone SIM card is set to the Favourite Place tariff, so gives you unlimited calls to any UK landline or O2 mobile from your chosen postcode when you top-up £30 or more a month. If you don’t like the sound of this tariff, you’ll be able to switch to one of our other Pay & Go tariffs.

With the above service, there’s a “web bolt-on” that’s about 15.00USD a month.

Also, there’s this.

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