The General’s Ride

If Second Life denizen General JC Christian, satirical blogger and All-American truthiness ninja saw this, he’d have an attack of piston envy.


Salt Blog: The Daily Feed From City Weekly: Jesus Trucking Christ 

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9 thoughts on “The General’s Ride

  1. I am honored to give this thing a kick.

    I am one of the loyal SoldierJews for Jesus’General, and am waiting patiently for him to reach the Holy Land of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations.

  2. MsNomir:

    Dear heart, as you well know we are always looking for those who would follow in the jackbooted footsteps of Senaturd Lyingman from your neighboring state.

    I need to get the name and number of the guy who did that conversion van. I want to see if he can work the same magic on the Abrams tank that we got hidden, um, I mean, garaged, out behind the General’s homestead.

  3. Whoa, I didn’t think about the logistics of kicking this baby’s tires – if you can’t do an overhead can-can kick, you’re SOL.

    demo – oooh, an Abrams with an eye-popping paint job: that’ll get ’em on the run and show teh wurld Amerikkka kicks ass with major artillery n’ shit!

    The sad part is that on some websites, these comments would be completely irony free. Alas.

  4. I can see it now: the bits and pieces of obnoxious French, liberals and assorted scum stuck on those mighty tires. Praise Jeebus. Lets roll.

  5. Rollem up just like Katamari Damacy, except all red-blooded and hetero and so forth.

    Pity about the chunks of Miss Liberty embedded in the treads, but she was always a French hussy in her hollow, bronze innards. And it makes for better traction, so…

  6. WKOGMWJG–What Kind Of Gas Mileage Would Jesus Get? Not much, I’m betting.

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