Aaaaaargh ecto and drop shadows

Okay, I need to figure out why ecto messed up on the CSS drop shadows. And I’m working on a revamp of the new template, too.

I’d use the native WP entry but it’s wonky on age uploads…something that requires me to clear cache multiple times or restart Firefox for the slick, Flash based interface to work. When it works it’s great.

Working on custom banners background color and coordinated fonts and colors.

More later.

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5 thoughts on “Aaaaaargh ecto and drop shadows

  1. Okay, now I can’t remember whether you work with the Mac or Windows ecto client (since they are now separate). I can help (maybe) with the latter, since I had to deal with the current pre-“Linear” release messing up the drop shadows (by inserting a space after img tags).

  2. I’m using Windows. I remember now you mentioned something about it on your blog – it had been a long time since I used ecto and I wondered if it was still working…

  3. Until the most recently released version (it’s hard to tell, because the point-releases don’t trigger the auto-upgrade), there was a bug that added a space after all tags in ecto for Windows.

    The latest formal release 2.3.13 (as of a week or two ago) fixed that, but introduced another error or two. Which got fixed when I went to the forum and bitched about it and got an interim version (2.3.14, now identified partially as “Linear”) downloaded.

    Far as I can tell, it works like a champ.

  4. Yes, thank you, I did get it upgraded to the 2.3.14 version of “Linear.” And it does indeed work like a champ again, more like I remember. I was missing the “Listening now” gadget, as there’s no equivalent plugin for WordPress that doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.

    It appears that “Linear” will sort of be supported for the moment; at least you got a prompt response from the programmer, in spite of the caveats about not having a lot of time for it.

    I’d like to see some cosmetic changes in it, but as long as it works and I can have all my little snippets of HTML handy, I’m happy with it again.

    Ideally, I’d like to use iPhone to identify stuff I’d like to blog about later, and then use Linear to expand on it, but there’s not currently a way to add links to a post in the WordPress plugins for iPhone unless they’re tediously typed in by hand.

    The point of all this is to avoid using the Internets for fun at work.. uh, ooopsie on that.

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