Mega Kitty Love Fest: Day 4

We returned from our vacation trip on Sunday and since then we’ve gotten back into the routine: eat, sleep, work, and pet the cat. Pet the cat. And pet the cat some more.

Rileycat is an affectionate cat on any given day, but after we return from an absence, he becomes a LOVEMONGER. He is like movable kitty velcro. He likes nothing better than to be incessantly juggled into a little ball and held and stroked and cooed over (various songs are required. Don’t make me sing them, they’re stupid and all have the word “babycat” in them).

He doesn’t quite slobber, but he gets a really stupid expression on his furry face that can best be described as “I love you Moooooooooom, I love you Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.”

Leaving for work in the mornings, he gets a bit jumpy. But he’s always waiting at the door when we arrive home, impatient to be petted, held, stroked, sung over, scritched, and so forth.


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