A Fizz-Nik For The Ages

Pop-bottle snap-on cup makes ice cream floats on demand – Boing Boing

The Fizz Cup is a cup that screws on to the top of a pop bottle. You fill it with ice-cream and squeeze the bottle and the soda rushes over the ice-cream and turns into an ice-cream float that fizzes out and into your gob, sparing you the mess of making ice-cream floats the old way.

Yeah. This is nothing new; I had a gadget called a “Fizz-nik” when I was a little kid in Albuquerque. Mine looked like this, except it was green and white. It was marketed by 7-Up, and of course I thought you could only use it with 7-Up and not with any other soda pop.

I mean, it had the old logo on it and everything. My toddlerish mind thought that meant that ONLY 7-UP could be used. I remember getting upset with Mom in the kitchen of our little house in ABQ, when she put a scoop of vanilla in the thing and popped it into a bottle of root beer. Root beer!

Okay, it tasted good, either way, but it bothered me. I wish I still had the thing, but it probably got thrown out at some point after we moved to Salt Lake. I vaguely remember it taking up space in a kitchen drawer, which is probably why it got tossed later. It was bulky, and the two parts probably got warped and didn’t fit together after going through the dishwasher a few times.

And no, I won’t be buying “The Fizz.” I’m getting ready to go on a health kick as my weight is getting uncomfortably high. Too many ice cream treats this year, don’t need any more temptation.

But mmmm, Fizz-niks were good, when the thing didn’t pop open and spill pop and ice cream everywhere.

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14 thoughts on “A Fizz-Nik For The Ages

  1. Still have my Fizz-Nik, funny though, no one I mention it to even remembers the thing. Thank goodness I have one to prove it existed!

  2. If I ever see one at a garage sale, I’m grabbing it. The possibility of a catastrophic FAIL is too good to pass up.

  3. YES! I remember Fizz-Nik! My little-kid mind thought that was such a neat idea. Actually, it is a very sensible concept….if only someone could engineer one whose halves stayed together. It was so….very…SAD, when the thing would *poink* apart and all your yummy pop and ice cream, which you were so looking forward to, went running all over Mom’s tablecloth and got you a good yelling-at.
    Anyone remember Lik-M-Aid, in the packets, not the stuff today that comes with a silly tongue-depressor-shaped stick of candy that you’re supposed to eat it with…loser idea. The old-fashioned packets rocked!

  4. I have been looking for the Fizz-Nik for a long time and until I came upon this website I couldn’t remember the name or what to look under. I grew up in Highland Park, Michigan which was not too far from the Vernors company. We only used Vernors and vanilla ice cream for our floats.

    It would be great if this old gagdet would be redesigned and distributed. I would purchase them for family and friends.

    Ahh those were the days. 🙂

  5. wow, I remember these. I always thought they were called 7up floats. I tried to explain it to my kids but they looked at me like I had 3 heads. I recall mine was blue and it leaked, but it was summer and we didn’t care.

  6. wow I remember these too….and when I mention it to others they also look at me like I’m making it up….put orange sherbert in one once with strawberry soda….my belly was a hurtin for a while…this was around 1960

  7. I bought mine off Ebay a couple of years back. Still in the package!!!! 49 Cents. I dont have the heart to open it up and use it. I dont know if it would fit the bottles of today anyhow and at 56 yrs old…..not such a good idea anyhow. I had one years back that I found in Alabama in some country store.

  8. Can anyone please help me find a Fizz Nik??? I’d love it to be a stocking stuffer for my husband ~ he’s never seen – or even heard of – them. We had them as kids in Southern California and LOVED them. A&W Root Beer and vanilla ice cream ~ YUM!! Thank you!

  9. I was going through my mom’s cupboards and found my old Fizz-Nik; it brought back many memories. Mine is blue & yellow and the writing on top reads “Drink & Play Fizz Nik.” It is still in good shape and I’m having a float right now… Ummmm, Good!

  10. I made some Fizz-Nik commercials with my dad (Addie Bobkins) back in 1961, in Seattle. Each one took several takes – they bubbled all over the place and us kids had so much fun! I wish I could find those reels – I don’t know if any of them were ever even aired… Loved those things! Fizz-Niks and Duncan Yo-Yo’s…

  11. I was telling mstaff about these a few weeks ago. They are all younger, but i fondley remember these when i was a kid. Would love to have another one. Does anyone know if the original style is still available for sale? thanks

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