Brilliant, Annie!

It’s always fun recognizing someone you “know” in a news item:

Blogger exposes life on the Underground – Yahoo News
LONDON Reuters – Annie Moles blog about the London Underground rail system began as a New Years resolution to teach herself how to make an Internet Web site and has blossomed into a popular slice of commuter life.

She’s been blogging just a bit longer than I have, but she’s made a much more brilliant success of it; Annie Mole’s Going Underground covers pretty much one topic, and covers it extremely well. Actually, it covers going out and having fun and kvetching (whingeing) about Life, and so long as these activities involve a Tube ride, it’s still on topic.

Annie’s been getting some press lately but she modestly refrains from turning herself into an insufferable Worshipful All-Being Goddess In The Tub about it. The amusing part is this story showed up in “News of the Odd,” which usually carries stories about roadkill, lovelorn moosen (meeses?), naked men running amok, and tales of vehicular comedy involving “No Parking” signs.

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