Bishop Gene Sadly Reports

According to a comment from Fr. Jake’s place, Bishop of New Hampshire V. Gene Robinson has been advised that he will not have the Archbishop’s permission to preach or celebrate the Eucharist while in England during the Lambeth conference – the conference he was pointedly not invited to attend. This was at a service at a London-area church attended by one of Jake’s commenters. If true, I’ve lost much respect for the ABC. – Comments

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2 thoughts on “Bishop Gene Sadly Reports

  1. The ABC has placed “unity” as the keystone of his tenure — so concerned about offending conservatives in the Communion (and in the CoE) by calling them to account or pursuing a path of justice, he’s willing to offend the less powerful in the process. That’s been the case all along in this controversy, and this is (if true) another sad example.

  2. I’m so sad and confusd by this action. As pointed out later at Jake’s, the Windsor NON-compliant bishops are not under any such inhibition. So: poaching silently condoned, being honest about one’s sexuality is prohibited?

    Please. There are a number of closeted gay bishops in England, let alone the rest of the Anglican Communion. What a crock of fudge.

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