FLDS Polygamists: No Records of Births, Deaths, Abuse

One thing to remember: the FLDS compounds are as self-sufficient as possible. Medical care is handled “inhouse.” State mandated reporter laws for suspected abuse cases and records keeping: forget about it.
More Clarity About Abuse, Intermarriage, Child Breeders, and the Fundamentalist Church of Later Day Saints | PEEK | AlterNet

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One thought on “FLDS Polygamists: No Records of Births, Deaths, Abuse

  1. You won’t belive me if I tell you that is all crap! Since when is supporting your community a crime? ALL the doctors and nurses went to college and obtained the required degrees. When is burying your own dead a crime? The FLDS use a ST GEORE mortuary to prepare the bodies. Don’t go to the hospital in your town I know you are hiding something!!

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