More Delicious Schadenfraude, PLZ!

Elephant with Gun Labelled McCain

Yes, I laughed out loud at a joke based on a very unfunny conceit. Is that wrong and bad?

The more I read about how horrified the Repunditans – those most ultra-strident media voices screaming from the rightmost lunatic fringes on the far side of Genghis Khan – are with McCain’s success, the more I wonder at their blindness.

Because it’s becoming evident that the folks who’ve been voting for McCain are the moderates who’ve been whipped and beaten into silent acquiesence by the social conservatives of the Religious Right, and the independents who aren’t going for the Democrats. McCain must seem like the least of many evils to them, or possibly the only stand-up guy by their lights. And there seem to be more of them than expected. Huh.

I do wonder if everyone is going to realize that the “base” is… baseless when there’s no one slobber-worthy enough for them to stop worshipping at the shrine of Reagan.

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2 thoughts on “More Delicious Schadenfraude, PLZ!

  1. The irony being, of course, that McCain had a very Reagan-friendly voting record during Reagan’s tenure. With a few noteworthy “maverick” stands and bi-partisan (all the Republican Fundies shriek, forgetting that even Reagan did some bi-partisan bits), McCain is actually fairly conservative.

  2. Hear hear. Very much like Jimmy Carter’s recent efforts to rescue the Southern Baptist church from, well, Southern Baptists.

    Here in California we’re still celebrating a Democratic voter turnout that ran about 80% higher than the Republican turnout; let’s hope that enthusiasm holds through November.

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