Self Sufficiency Trust for Handicapped in Illinois

A family member may be benefiting from this program; they live in a group home in a distant town in Illinois.  Or maybe not – need to know more.

Illinois Project Gives Families a New Way To Aid Disabled Kin – New York Times

Danny and Fay Moore have lived with anxiety since the births of their daughter and their son, both mentally retarded as a result of the genetic disorder Down’s syndrome. The Moores shape their family life around providing special schooling and counseling for Stacey, 7 years old, and Aaron, 4, who are growing into adventurous, fun-loving children.”Our concern is what happens to the children when we die,” said Mr. Moore, a 36-year-old food service manager. ”We’re not wealthy people.” Some of the Moores’ worries – and those of other families here in Illinois – have now eased with the beginning of an innovative trust fund to provide long-term care for the mentally or physically disabled.

The aim is to offer families a way to make a sound investment for their children’s future, without affecting eligibility for government disability aid, impoverishing the family or adding a huge new burden on the state treasury.

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