I’m A Lumberjill and I’m O.K.

Via ***Dave :: A Manly Man Doing Manly Things with Other Manly Men!
I can’t resist this list, because I’m not a girly girl, and some of this stuff is really good to know:

Les points to a Popular Mechanics article on 25 Skills Every Man Should Know. How many of them do I know? Let’s see.

1. Patch a radiator hose — Is duct tape, the handyman’s friend, involved? Then probably yes.
2. Protect your computer — Yes, though David handles this nowadays
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized –My knowledge is based on  Gaudy Night: “Trim your boat, damn you!”
4. Frame a wall — Well, I’ve helped hammer down subflooring and also helped with drywall, but this is probably no.
5. Retouch digital photos — Sure thing. No problem, do it all the time
6. Back up a trailer — Wow, I didn’t know data corruption was a problem in trailers.
7. Build a campfire — Absolutely. I can cook pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon on a coal-fired range, too.
8. Fix a dead outlet — No, but David can.
9. Navigate with a map and compass — Can do. Can even do with a map and watch, if the sun is out (ANALOG ROX)!
10. Use a torque wrench — Nope. David has one.
11. Sharpen a knife — Not like my dad could, it involved oil, a whetstone, and slow circles. Can use a steel, though.
12. Perform CPR — Maybe, but have never been trained
13. Fillet a fish — Can dig the worms, bait the hook, catch the fish, whack it on the head, clean it.  Would be a  hacked up mess if I tried to  fillet it myself (or is that filet?). Can cook it, if it’s a simple preparation. Might even wash up after.
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid — Yes. Steer in the direction of the skid. Have done.
15. Get a car unstuck — YES. Have gotten MEN’s cars unstuck.  They always hit the gas too hard. Ballast and traction.
16. Back up data — Yabbut,  David needs to get my backup drive thing set up (not for use with trailers).
17. Paint a room — Yep. Can fill and spackle holes, too.
18. Mix concrete — Probably, if it comes with instructions. Most likely would make a big mess.
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle — Er, no. Pop could, David used to have a target pistol, not my bag.
20. Change oil and filter — Let’s see: Jiffy Lube, or Toyota Dealership? Could do, if had tools and manual. Yech.
21. Hook up an HDTV — That’s a job for David. I sometimes have trouble juggling our many remotes
22. Bleed brakes  — KKkkkXXXKK! Uh, that’s a negatory. KKkkkkkxxx!
23. Paddle a canoe — Yes, several times. Would like to paddle an ocean canoe or kayak on our next trip to Maui.
24. Fix a bike flat — I think I did this, ONCE, in college when I had the choice of riding or walking.
25. Extend your wireless network — David’s thing again. He’s got a wireless router, they love him at user group meets.
Well, I’m not a manly woman, more of a tomwoman or lumberjill:

26. Operate a chainsaw — Have done. Mom was really better at it than I was, her little Poulan was sweet.

And how about that, I think David probably comes out pretty Manly in this poll! Must congratulate him later.

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