Davis Mac-Iyalla: Probably Can’t Attend Akinola Protest

From the ongoing discussion at Father Jake’s regarding the protest of border-crossing Bishop Akinola in Wheaton: a commenter has posted a press release from Changing Attitudes Nigeria director Davis Mac-Iyalla, the gay Anglican activist from Nigeria who is now living in exile in Togo. He regrets that he probably won’t be able to arrange a visa and funds for travel in time to walk the picket line.

Father Jake Stops the World: Protest Against Abp. Akinola on September 23

Changing Attitude Nigeria fully supports the plans of peaceful demonstration against our homophobic Archbishop Peter Akinola.

Archbishop Peter Akinola keeps refusing to start a listening process in Nigeria or to create a safe place for lesbian and gay people to tell our story.

The Archbishop and the Church of Nigeria is strongly supporting and advocating for a bill that will make Changing Attitude Nigeria illegal and any priest or bishop who listens to our story will be jailed for 5 yeas including we LGBT Nigerians.

The recent comments from Bishop Orama of Uyo are abusive and make life for LGBT people in Nigeria very dangerous. We condemn the Archbishops for their silence in not responding and not calling on Bishop Orama to apologise.

Archbishop Akinola has abandoned his pastoral duty to the Church of Nigeria and has joined forces with some American conservatives to cross boundaries and cause problems for the Episcopal Church just because they stand for what they believe: that all Gods children should be included and not be discriminated against.

We call on all true believers in truth and equality to join in this protest.

If it were not for the reasons of cost and visa, the Director of Changing attitude Nigeria is very willing to be there in person to give support to our American brothers and sisters.

We thank all those who have volunteered to play a part in stopping the world’s most homophobic Archbishop trying to take control of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church.

In solidarity
Davis Mac-Iyalla
Director, Changing Attitude Nigeria

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