Even In Utah, Obama Draws Enthusiastic Crowds

Salt Lake Tribune – Obama speaks to a crowd of hundreds

A small honk-and-wave welcome for presidential candidate Barak Obama turned into a major rally Sunday as more than 500 supporters clogged the entrance of Utah Olympic Park at Kimball Junction to hear him speak.
The Illinois senator addressed the crowd for about 20 minutes on his way to a private fundraiser at the Park City home of supporter John Cumming.

“Somehow, this grew a little bit,” he said of the throngs of people gathered to see him. When a supporter in the crowd yelled, “We love you Obama,” he replied: “I love you back.”

Obama told the crowd he likes to believe everyone thinks he is fabulous, but that his wife has told him otherwise and he knows much of his support comes from Americans being ready for a new direction.
“The country is ready for a change,” he said. “People want to turn the page and start a new chapter in history.”

When one woman in the crowd fainted, Obama spotted her and called for someone to assist her. At the end of his speech, Obama told supporters his candidacy was less about him winning and more about citizens doing things and making change happen.

Supporters in Sunday’s crowd held up signs including “Barak: A bright future,” “Barak Obama: end plutocracy, begin democracy,” and “Hope. Vision. Vote Obama.”

Obama’s visit marks the fourth appearance in Utah by Democratic presidential candidates in two months.

Aw! Even in Utah, people want to hear what Obama has to say. I think he’s right – people just want to hear something different and be part of a new direction.

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One thought on “Even In Utah, Obama Draws Enthusiastic Crowds

  1. He got a lot of good press!! You should hear our “bigot” neighbor Al and his comments about it. Al’s such a typical Utah Mormon Republican – blinders and all.

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