No Moar Tweeks Plz! DO NOT WANT



I DO NOT WANT to go through that again.

Well, if you would like to click the PHOTOS link on the menu to the upper left, you will see that I finally got Flickr Photo Album by Joe Tan configured to play pretty well with my current theme, WP-Andreas01-12 for WordPress.

It was… not a pretty process. With David’s help, I had to edit or have him edit several files, have him delete a line of code so that only my own sets are “fetched” from Flickr, and not every public group I belong to, fix a persistent bug that’s been reported (and explained over and over) at the support forum on Flickr, rename a file in the plugin and move some files into the same directory, then edit that file in order to wrap my own CSS divs around the line of code that pulls in the images.

Translation: I (eventually) made it go.

For about 3 hours or more, I was banging my head trying to understand which files in the plug-in needed to be changed, tinkering with CSS (for which Firefox‘s Web Developer was invaluable, with its “edit CSS” feature).  David very patiently changed files and gave me “edit” permissions on some that I needed to change myself.

Finally, I gave up on trying to get the guy’s own structure to work, because he had designed it to play most nicely with default theme templates, and pretty much not with 3-column ones structured like mine. So I bethought myself of the instructions at the top of the file that had to be renamed in order to achieve customization:

Template Name: Photo Album

If you want to customize the look and feel of your photo album, follow these steps.

You’ll probably need a good understanding of HTML and CSS!

1. Rename this file to “photos.php” and place it into your current active theme’s directory
2. Copy all html files starting with photoalbum- into this same directory
3. Customize the CSS in photoalbum-header.html to your liking.
4. That’s it 🙂

The main template files:
– photoalbum-albums-index.html shows all your Flickr sets (aka albums)
– photoalbum-album.html displays a highlight photo and all the photos for an album
– photoalbum-photo.html displays one photo, along with next and previous photo links

Troubleshooting Tips:
Not all WordPress themes are created equal, so default look and feel might look a little weird
on your blog. Try looking at your theme’s “index.php” and copy and paste any extra HTML or
PHP into this file.

Feh. It was not a “4. That’s it :)” experience, but I got there in the end. There’s a tiny amount of tweaking…. NO. 

 No moar tweekz plz. DO NOT WANT. Kthxbai sleepytime.

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2 thoughts on “No Moar Tweeks Plz! DO NOT WANT

  1. I am using the WP-Andreas theme with the Flickr Photo Album plugin, and I think I am having one of the same problems you were.

    The top through “View Slideshow” shows up just fine, but the thumnails for remaining photos in the album, as well as the other albums will always be aligned below the sidebar, no matter how tall the sidebar is (I tested this by adding and removing widgets).

    Other than this, everything else is working just fine.

    Was this one of the major problems for you? And if not (or if so), what was the solution?

    Much thanks for any help.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t realize that this page was still getting so many hits.

    It’s probably a case of making sure that the thumbnails are not in a DIV that’s too wide for the center column. I tweaked (no moar! plz!) the Viklund template to make it slightly wider, in order to accept photos as wide as 500 pixels.

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