Draft Rileycat and Polly Dog For A Truly Bi-Petisan Ticket!

The heck with Obama and Clinton… now that it's official, we'll be supporting Rileycat in his candidacy for President, and now we've got to convince our friend Steve to let his Golden Doodle, Polly, run for Vice President. It's an unbeatable ticket: cat people and dog people, Democat and Repuplican, unleashed on the American political scene for the first time.

Forget Blue and Red America, it's time for Poo and Shed America!

As running mates, they might have some problems, though Riley has been declawed and Polly reportedly "likes cats." His handlers, though, are allergic to cats, and we're not crazy about the whole "go for a walk in any and all weather and pick up warm poop in a plastic bag" aspect. 

We also might have to compromise as to who is top cat or top dog on the ticket.

Hillary Is In – washingtonpost.com

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