Kill All Kung-Fu Bunnies!!!

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Apparently, BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin is teh delightfully evul, yet inadvertently clueless n00b. She posted a link to a "Kung Fu Bunnies" webanime to that high-traffic group blog and "directory of wonderful things" that plays this incredibly annoying "Kung Fu Fighting" soundtrack/clip with sound effects. Problem is, it plays automagically every time I read BoingBoing via Bloglines, and I could not figure out where the hell it was coming from. And it plays over iTunes and Windows Media.

Identifying the problem is more than halfway to solving it, but…weird

UPDATE: I had a nice email from Ms.Jardin, in which she explained the odd technical glitch that caused this, and went on to say:

The other problem you identify is a Bloglines issue, but again something our RSS provider (Feedburner) is working on today. The issue does not appear for folks who use providers OTHER than Bloglines. Feedburner is implementing what they hope will be a fix for the repeat-post issue today., and the auto-loading flash thing will not occur again.

This stuff drives us nuts, too, and I'm sorry it's so annoying.

Good enough, and I apologized for making a lame joke. She is no n00b.


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