Adult ADHD Undertreated

BBC NEWS | Health | Adult ADHD not treated properly

A recent survey of children with ADHD in Newham, in London, found although symptoms tended to decrease between the ages of seven and 17, the 17-year-olds showed a level of hyperactivity similar to that found in a group of normal seven-year-olds.

When the same people were seen again at the age of 26, they were found to have disabilities associated with high levels of psychiatric disorder, including feelings of restlessness, feeling depressed when inactive, depression, and difficulties sustaining relationships.

Dr Chris Steer, who treats paediatric ADHD in Fife, said that there was a dearth of facilities aimed at older patients, which meant that patients entering adult life often lost the necessary support and treatment, even if they were still displaying ADHD symptoms.

Interesting. I've said to my sister Timmy before that I suspected I've had some form of ADHD that was never diagnosed. I may mention this article to my doctor the next time I see him. However, I doubt I'd have to go as far as getting anything prescribed. I tend to notice improvement when I have a regular routine that includes exercise.   


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  1. I’ve been treated for ADD (I’ve never been particularly hyperactive) since I was diagnosed at 16. I’m still astounded at the number of people who contend that it doesn’t exist at all in adults; even education professors seem to believe that it goes away as you pass through your teens. For this reason, I tend not to tell people about it. But if I hadn’t been treated, there’s no way I would have two degrees now.

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