Fan Mashups: You Can’t Take The Gate From Me

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I dropped by my Flickr page and noticed someone had put a comment on my photo of a juvenile Goa'uld caught in my homemade snakehead trap (it's cleverly disguised as a lava lamp):

Goa'uld Trap 

The comment was:




Please vote for my video HERE
The contest COULD HELP to bring back SG1 for another season!


Angie Moriconi

It's actually a pretty cute video, with a talking cat grumbling about how his obsessed "Tauri" has been spending all her time mailing boxes of Kleenex (inside joke) to the powers that be, and he's begging for the gate to be left open so she'll leave him alone. She's quite scary, actually, but pretty and obviously very dedicated. Good luck to her in her endeavor. Also, very smart cat she has there. 

His name appears to be "Furling," which is a pretty funny name for a Stargate fan's cat.

I didn't watch any of the other contest-entry videos; I consider myself a loyal fan of Stargate, but I can't get myself worked up to fever pitch over a science fiction show anymore – been there, did that with Earth2. Ah, the old days; I participated in a similar last-ditch campaign and volunteered to call sponsors to beg for the show's life. I actually spoke to two guys at Chrysler on a speakerphone, I wonder what the hell they made of it all. So when other shows I liked got cancelled, I couldn't muster the intensity, not even when Firefly bit it, although I did read some sites and have a login for the Browncoats site.  

Speaking of which… my husband David sent me a link: the Multiverse is about to become a reality, or as much of a reality as a MMORPG based on Firefly can be, being designed from the dirt up to the sky (which they cannot take from me). 

Shiny. Now, that could be some fun. 

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