Marilynn Rosenthal Hits The Nail On The Head

National Public Radio has a page up with details and audio clips from last night’s excellent “The Price of Security” documentary and town hall meeting, hosted by Ted Koppel. The town hall was live, and was simulcast on public radio stations.

Here’s the detail page: NPR : Ted Koppel: ‘The Price of Security’

It includes audio of the entire simulcast, plus highlight clips.

One of the 9/11 family members, Marilynn Rosenthal, really hit the nail on the head last night about how language is being used to frame the debate about security, civil liberties, and even whether we’re in a “war on terrorism,” or a “war against fanatic Islamist fundamentalism.”

She’s dismissed as a “whack job” by the right, and they’re already doing a hatchet job on her on posts dated today (I’m not even going to link to the muck I found via Technorati). But she’s right. And although several people tried to respond to the first part of her assertion, nobody dared tackle the second part: it’s not really a war on all forms of terrorism, or on all groups that use terror to further their ends, but it’s being framed as one because it’s a convenient handle to hang our government’s agenda

She’s doing
a lot of research to ferret out the truth for herself
, and when she eventually produces a book, it’ll blow the lid off of a simmering pot of lies and half-truths.

UPDATE: Fixed the link, have no idea what I linked to for Marilynn Rosenthal before, but linked to an excellent Metro Times article from Sep 06 2006 that will stand in very well.

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