Bad Wolf Corporation

I know that the gen on Bad Wolf is out there on the web – we’re hooked on the new incarnation of Doctor Who these days, and we’ve been managing to avoid spoilage up til now. There are some things I do know, and so I’m not happy to see the end of Series One, but then on the other hand, the previews for the 2nd part of the series final.

Oh, and I loves me some old-school Evil Adversaries. All the hints throughout this season seem to be about to bear fruit. Shiny, menacing, electrically charged fruit.

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One thought on “Bad Wolf Corporation

  1. I saw all of Nine from DVDs that were made for me (::cough:: download ::cough::) and am now seeing Ten the same way. I’m not entirely sold on Ten, but am enjoying it at the same time.

    I still miss Eccleston, though. ::sigh::

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