Getting Closer To Done

David, the sneaky sneakster, upgraded the beta blog to MT3.16, and I'm at the "tweaking templates to look right with the new stylesheet" stage. Still some archive templates to be fixed so they display the new banner image and colors. I will be going through all the templates looking for inconsistencies that may be lurking there from my old installation, but I'm pleased that the latest version is a new commitment to quality (and bugfixes).

Via About Six Apart – Mena's Corner

UPDATE: as previously stated, I've got some template tweaks to do. And the cool crap is getting cut way, way back. The banner image is working and is pretty close to its final design. I'll have Typekey authentication enabled, and non-Typekey comments will be moderated (not likely to be a problem with the very low number of "real" comments I get). I may check out the new spamkilla on the block, too.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Closer To Done

  1. Geezeee. I’m just getting used to this template and finding stuff and you’re going to change it????

  2. In a word: yes. But I’ve got some cleaning up and stuff to do, though you can peek at the beta site to see where I’m headed. At the moment, I’ll still have 3 columns, but I may change my mind.

  3. Haven’t gotten that far, although I stashed the “rip the guts out of your templates and replace ’em with this code” links for laters.

    I’m still in “incessant color-swapping mode.” I’ll probably get the Typekey stuff finished tonight or tomorrow night. That’s a bit labor and chicken-waving intensive for tinkering around between calls.

  4. Haven’t you people learned yet … never bother a geek(ette) when she’s tweaking her blog. Kind of like teasing a lion, only worse.

  5. Rahr! Roooooawwwr! 🙂

    Oh, and Typekey doesn’t happen until we make the final cutover, which is actually the purview of the geek of the house, not the geekette. And then Spam Lookup, same deal.

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