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I’ve enjoyed listening to Air America/Al Franken et. al. today… that is, when I can pull in a decent signal on my crappy AM radio upstairs, or when the streaming audio happens to be working, but for the most part it’s been fun listening to it (especially today, when they’ve had some high-powered guests lined up).

Most of the callers sound extremely surprised to find themselves on the air (and sound like they’re talk-radio call-in newbies). They’re not quite up to the calibre of, say, callers to :NPR’s “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me.” Maybe it’ll improve.

On a quick survey, only a few of the stations listed seem to have current websites (and even fewer have their own feeds) and there seems to be a lot of interest today, so here goes:

KPOJ – Portland Oregon has a pretty elaborate setup for Air America – they use Liquid Compass streaming software. Sounds OK, could be better. Their page explains that local commercials have to be silenced, which accounts for the occasional 2-5 minute stretches of “dead air.” Ed Schulz (who?) seems to be on the air there, where Randi Rhodes is still on here in Chicago on the local radio station

KBLA – Los Angeles (doesn’t seem to have its own website)

WLIB – New York has its own site, but it’s very bizarre, full of required popups, and not updated since its format charge. There’s a listen live link (click on the boom box). The same feed is available (for now at least) via their feed provider Broadcast Urban.Net. Sound quality either way is poor (YMMV, I have pretty crappy speakers just now on this otherwise great flatscreen MAG monitor).

(whoa, I’m listening to Randi Rhodes (via WLIB’s feed) rake Ralph Nader over the coals, telling him we can’t afford him at this time (coming from the “need someone to beat Bush” point of view) and screaming at him… interesting interview tactic)

KCAA – Inland Empire (California). Their feed is here via Radio Destiny. They appear to only carry Al Franken’s own show.

WMNN – Have website, don’t have live feed.

Strangely, the “main” Internet feed of Air America Radio still seems to be the buggiest — it will suddenly stop in mid-sentence, forcing the listener to close the page completely and re-connect. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t, but it did help to download the latest Real Evil player. Sound quality is quite good.

So – can you hear it now? Any good? Totally crrrraaap? Isn’t it weird to hear left-center/liberal/Democrats being hardcases on the air? Even somewhat… entertaining and refreshing?

And it might even be good stuff, if Randi doesn’t quit cutting off callers by mistake. I’m looking forward to hearing Janeane Garofalo’s show, but I’ll be out tonight.

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