What is that you’re saying?

No, this isn’t about vampires. Or people who swipe cool stuff from other blogs. I just wanted to be clear about that. Turns out “blogula” isn’t that original a word, according to Google.

Although when I checked just now, I found that among other things, “Tabula Rasa” is a mailing list devoted to Spike, the conflicted vampire-with-a-soul (one of at least two in the world).

The symmetry amuses me, and so “Blogula Rasa” it remains.

And so, what we watch…

… probably too much TV, but due to TiVo’s happy presence (all hail St TiVo) we watch a limited and intensely focused roster of shows.

David watches Enterprise, Angel, and is occasionally charmed by Charmed. He’s got Stargate SG-1 on permanent rotation. Green thumbs up!

I watch the above (except I seem to be immune to Charmed, it’s probably due to an excess of estrogen and babies on their part).

I’ll watch whatever SG-1 episode is pulled by TiVo, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I’m particularly glad we got TiVo because it enabled us both to get caught up with a big backlog of unseen episodes of this excellent SF show. Now we’re all caught up (yay) and have to wait for new episodes in January (boo).

I also watch BBC America (Ground Force, WNTW, The Office, various mysteries, occasionally Graham Norton and other whatnottery). In my fondest nightmare, I get made over by WNTW, but please by the English “cruel to be kind” fashionistas, not the American ones.

Woops, yes, watch Trading Spaces and WNTW on TLC. And now captivated by Clean Sweep, which feeds my “I’ve got to get organized someday” fantasy.

And then there’s Adult Swim – it floats up on my playlist now and then, and I’ve gotten into a few anime shows like Cowboy Bebop

And Futurama is/was brilliant and I’ll keep watching it as long as it crops up.

We both used to watch Farscape faithfully, and hold out hope that rumors of a four-hour miniseries are true – they are according to these guys

We’re “da-dink DINKS.” We’re TiVo owning double-income-no-kids net.geeks.

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