First Things Last

Everybody has to start somewhere. The fact that the beginning will become the end makes it difficult to start; not sure why. But I need to make sense of things by getting them out there, and "out there" they shall be in more ways than three.

Today's top story: Saddam to appear on the US version of "What Not To Wear." Before and after photos abound, and a disoriented and confused Saddam is told "Never wear a spider hole with that mustache – to balance out the bushiness, hie your heiney into a fully equipped underground missile silo." Tears ensue when Saddam reveals to the diary-camera that he looked "Bushy" in the 360-degree interrogation room.

Note – the British version would install him in a Cabinet War Room instead, with a bathtub and cigar to complete the look. More later. Just a few more days until seeing "Return of the King."

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