Moar Boaring Testing

More testing of the WooTumblog plugin, this time with the Twenty-Ten theme enabled. I’m not sure I want to use the Tumbler-like styling… just want to see if links and quotes work.

UPDATE: Not working. I guess I need to figure out what the “simple tags” are that I need to add to my theme. Dammit.

UPDATE II: Working! Did add the woo_tumblog content tags ONLY above the excerpt and content tags in my current theme. I first tinkered with the free Twenty-Ten theme, since there were instructions specific to that theme… but Amazing Grace was easier to edit once I installed a line-numbering syntax editor plugin (DON’T ASK, it just works) to help me figure out what line I needed to edit in TT. Then I switched back to Amazing Grace and figured out where the woo_template PHP tag needed to go. I could probably use the title tag too, but switch off the Tumblog archive icon, but don’t need to.

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