Pope Lanceted Over AIDS Remark

BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope ‘distorting condom science’.

Wow, this story reads like Science taking on Faith in some kind of jousting match with the Lancet literally taking point.

This is another test, this time of the current “Press it!” bookmarklet from the iPhone. It brought the link into the post just fine, but the keyboard doesn’t engage. Meanwhile, it works in the HTML edit screen, but the category list has no way to scroll down, and it’s cut off after the first few categories.

More tinkering is called for. Meanwhile, this all-too fallible Pope had better stick to matters of faith, hope, and charity, and leave Science (and AIDS prevention) alone. He didn’t come off well after the reinstatement of the Holocaust-denying ultra-conservative bishop, and you know how bad news is supposed to come in threes. What’s next? Rescinding Gallileo’s reinstatement?

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