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Here's a familiar byline I used to enjoy reading in the Salt Lake Trib – Holly Mullen makes a welcome addition to the rest of the citizen journalists of Blogaria. Or journalist citizens – it works both ways.  

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All I can see of the Wasatch Mountains today is a faint outline. Same for the Oquirrhs to the west. The smog has swallowed them. It’s gone on far too long — a winter smogfest and temperature inversion going on three weeks now. The air is so chalky, sooty thick I gave up my outdoor run today and looped around an indoor track for five miles. I felt like a hamster rolling one of those exercise balls around a room.

Now that is a feature of winter in the Salt Lake Valley that I do not miss. I used to get horrid, horrid sinus infections as a kid and teenager, and of course I could look forward to my annual 6 weeks of bronchitis every October or November when the cold set in, the furnace came on, and my chest would tighten until it hurt to breathe. 

Now would be a good time for my sister Timmy to chime in and use either "crud" or "gomboo" in a sentence (both family words that mean "upper respiratory infection" )   Tongue out

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Blogaria, Journalist Citizen Mullen

  1. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it!!! CRUD isn’t big enough. Just plain really shitty air!!! Both Frank and I have had runny noses, coughs and eye irritations. It just plain sucks big time. We can’t wait to get the helloutofhere and be in the pure air in the mountains of Kingston, Idaho!!! God, I hate this place!!!

  2. ^:)^^:)^^:)^

    Tell us how you REALLY feel, Tim.

    (Oh, I know.I know. That house can’t get built fast enough).

  3. Side bar on Holly Mullen. She quit writing for the Trib. Got pissed off because they were trying to tell her what to write. Something about not wanting to print things the way she had written them. I admite her for leaving – but I do miss her. She was one of the “voices of reason”… If Pat Bagley (cartoonist) or Robert Kirby (has a great column) ever “feel the need to leave” I’ll take all my papers I have to recycle and roll them in a nice little wad and tell the editor where he can put them.

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