FOXNews and others Rousing the Rabble

Barbara Boxer should apologize for nothing | TPMCafe

How did I find out that Sen. Barbara Boxer is this week's right-wingnut pundit punching bag over her challenge to Condoleeza Rice's Iraq testimony? Because the scrolling underline on FOXNews in the health club yesterday was "BOXER ATTACKS RICE."

As TPM notes, Boxer was attempting to imply that neither she nor Secretary Rice had "skin in the game" in the Iraq war, but the Right bloviation machine is trumpeting it as an attack on a noble, accomplished, hard-working "single childless woman."

Make no mistake, the same people would be attacking her if she was a single mother if she weren't Secretary of State to a Repugnican president.  They were certainly attacking her a couple of months ago over her tolerant and matter-of-fact attitude at a recent swearing in ceremony of an openly gay man to an ambassadorial post. The AFA registered its disgust with her then

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