Dood ur paddles r longir dan Teh car


There were lots more interesting things to see, but last night when we arrived at Boston Logan, this was what I chose to photograph. A crappy airport arrivals pickup lane – yeah. Because a crew team arrived carrying their long oars, walking like Odysseus with them over their shoulders. They had protective cardboard covers over the paddle end. The funny thing was when they met their ride, the mini-van was a lot shorter than the oars… but they coped with it by angling the oars out the front window slightly. Then a few minutes after the crew team left, a women’s lacrosse team showed up. Ah, spring. Ah, classic collegiate sports.

It’s a grey morning, and we’re headed up the Maine coast after getting our legs under us; we’ll return to Boston for more tourism in a few days.

And yes, I speak LOLcat when hurrying to type a subject line in on the very serviceable but teeny tiny iPhone keyboard.
Via: Flickr Title: Dood ur paddles r longir dan Teh car By: GinnyRED57
Originally uploaded: 9 May ’08, 10.00pm CDT PST

I can has iPhone?

What Chowder Of Nourishment

We’re off on vacation soon, and part of the time we’ll be in Maine. I don’t know if I’ll make it to church on Pentecost: I’m hoping we’ll be somewhere that I can slip off for a little church lady fix and David finds someplace to hang out for an hour or so.

I started to laugh as I linked to this page, but the more I read this prayer over, the more I’m won over by its whimsy.

Although I’ll pass on the pine needles and new-mown hay in my chowder, thanks, the other things sound quite all right.

A Prayer for Maine
Thank you, God, for the state of Maine,
reaching ever for the first light of day.
As Thy people wake to eastern rays,
what chowder of nourishment dost Thou prepare for body and soul:
concocted so delectably of pine needles and potatoes, of herring and clams and lobsters in their rocky lairs, of blueberries and new-mown hay and a thousand lakes and little boats brave upon the deep.

Of such blessings did our fathers and mothers distill their rugged liberty: Grant us grace to win the same, along the country roads and on the fringed and tasseled coast of our wooded land; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.