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9 Things Cyclists Wish Anti-Bicycle Politicians Understood

This article on The Chainlink hits all the points. THIS is what anti-bike civic planners need to read.

Most of All, Cyclists Want a Safe Place to Ride
Rest assured we don’t like cars barreling down on us any more than drivers want cyclists slowing them down. All we ask for is a situation where motorists and cyclists can peacefully coexist, and arrive at our respective destinations without getting in each other’s way.

Bike Paths Don’t Cut It for Practical Transportation
Imagine if your roads went like two miles and then just abruptly ended at some random grassy field. It would be hard to get to where you’re going, right? The problem with most bike paths is that they were designed for recreation and don’t generally connect to anything. I’m guessing they stop at wherever the budget or grant money happened to run out. So if you want us to stay off the roads and stick to the bike paths, give us bike paths that actually get us to places.

Cyclists Don’t Want to Be Subject to Laws Written by People with No Experience, Knowledge or Understanding of Bikes
If it seems like cyclists are resistant to some laws and some forms of bike infrastructure, it’s usually because they don’t actually make sense for cyclists. And you wouldn’t understand why if you don’t ride a bike. It’d be like me getting elected to office and proposing a bunch of…I don’t know…hunting and fishing laws when I’ve never hunted and I’ve fished like maybe twice. So please, do us all a favor and before you start dreaming up a bunch of laws, or cracking down on old, out-of-date laws, get on a damn bike and ride around a little bit. This video is a great example of how powerful it can be to experience what it’s actually like to ride a bicycle in traffic. If you’re not willing to do that, at the very least consult some avid cyclists before you start spewing out misguided legislation.

Source: 9 Things Cyclists Wish Anti-Bicycle Politicians Understood

Tweetly Weeks

Tweetly Weeks

Tweetly Weeks

Schaumburg: Are You Missing… A Tree?

Local woman pulled over in Roselle with a tree stuck in the hood of her car, tells police she noticed it after driving through Schaumburg.

A woman was charged with driving under the influence in January in northwest suburban Roselle after she was pulled over with a tree trunk stuck in the hood of her car.The woman was pulled over around 11:10 p.m. Jan. 23 on Central Avenue after police received a call about a vehicle driving with a tree embedded in the grille, according to Roselle Deputy Chief Roman Tarchala. She was charged with driving under the influence after failing a field sobriety test.The woman told police that she struck the tree somewhere in Schaumburg, Tarchala said.

Source: Woman pulled over with tree stuck in hood of car in Roselle | Chicago Sun-Times

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Donald Drumpf Throws Tantrum, Film At Eleven

First of all, just because of the best damn Chrome extension since ever, I’m using Chrome.

Second of all, Drumpf threw another tantrum. Again?

Donald Drumpf

But because of that extension, I am pleased to quote:

Donald Drumpf is throwing a tantrum and threatening to run as a third-party candidate for president because the Republican Party and Marco Rubio are being mean to him.

I’m more and more convinced that he’s tapped Christie as his most likely VP choice and exit strategy. He shakes things up, gets bored or mad, and quits after being nominated (or God help us, elected) and Christie is in the White House while the GOP heaves a yuuuuge sigh of relief.

I had a lot of fun (too much fun, really) yesterday playing on Twitter with #DefineDrumpf and #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain. You’ll see a big tweet post later in the week with it all.

De-Clutter To De Stress?

G+: De-Clutter To De Stress?

Well, I do need to make positive healthy changes:

"But if your home design stresses you out, then you may need to control some of the stress-inducing circumstances that are controlling your environment. Why not create a homey paradise right in your own home? As you read on, think how these five ways can help you transform your blab stressful home environment into a paradise that you wake up to each day."

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