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Mythbusters is coming to an end NOOO

but not unexpected…

Mythbusters is coming to an end
Next season of Mythbusters is the last one. The fantastic television series starring our friend Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and a wonderful cast of makers and explosives, will end after the 14th…

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Whoa, Canada! Can We Has A Liberal Landslide Too?

I just want to call out this quote and ponder what would happen if a young American electorate woke up…

"2015 represents a generational shift in Canadian politics. Voters woke up on Tuesday morning to find that the most powerful people in their government were all under 45. Voter turnout surged seven percent this election, which is shocking for an election not contested on a central national issue like the conduct of a war or the implementation of a major economic policy. "

Me again. Hmm. If only….

Trudeau Won Because the Youth Want Old Canada Back
TORONTO — Voters woke up on Tuesday morning to find that the most powerful people in their government were all under 45. The boomers no longer control Canada. That fact is a transformation to the underlying structure of Canadian political life. And youth wanted the old Canada back, it turns out. Trudeau’s election revealed that the traditional Canadian values — multiculturalism and socialism — are just too strongly embedded in the national con…

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Winter training: it's not a guest room, it's a makeshift cycling studio

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So. I'm not a very confident cyclist, but last June I rode 40 miles in Tour de Cure Chicago, a large fundraiser benefiting the American Diabetes Association. I managed to finish, although I fell twice. Ouch. Dang clips

I'm diabetic, and cycle to get fit, lose weight, and manage my diabetes. After taking some time off this summer, I'm back in training, and boy, did I do something stupid.

I committed to ride the 65-mile route next June, on the road, if I raise $1000 by January 1. My ultimate goal is to raise $3000 by June.

Am I nuts? I hate riding on the road, even though yes, technically it's supposed to be safer than riding on a multi-user path or sidewalk.

If you want to encourage this reckless endeavor, please visit:

Thanks! I think. 🚴🏻


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If It Isn’t On Strava, It Didn’t Happen

I messed up getting one of my 2 rides Saturday into Strava, it was only partial because I forgot to turn my Garmin computer-tracking thingy on. Then this ride doesn’t show up in the widget on the right column, because later that day I decided to jump on my fitness bike that’s now up on the trainer, and apparently it doesn’t get captured or something to WordPress.

It’s on Strava, it did happen. I rode for an entire hour, pretty hard. It went quickly because I had music going and ended up snagging some songs for iTunes to go in a “cycling” playlist. Thank God for KUNC’s all-music stream. Feel free to donate to them, too.

specialized hybrid bicycle on training stand

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