David Gibbs and I have been Joshified!

We need the Cure – help Team Red Chicagoland reach our goal by July 15 and relative normality will be restored.

Plz halp! Mmff! 🚒🚑🚲🚲🚲⚠️⬇️⬇️⬇️🎭🎭🎭🆘💲💲💲


These photos are my journey with #Diabetes since I was diagnosed in December 2015. These are all the photos connected with living with #diabetes and learning to control it with diet and exercise.

I was already registered to ride in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure charity ride, but then my diagnosis meant that I had become a Red Rider. Through friends in the Chicago ADA office, I got the jersey and started riding my old bike on an indoor trainer. The fundraising season started with the #TourdeCure Kickoff in March.

My nephew +Joshua Gibbs rode with me and +Barb Pohl on the 40 mile route of the recent Tour de Cure Chicagoland charity ride on Sunday 15JUN15. We're all on +Team RED Chicago together. If you donate to Josh's Tour de Cure page via Facebook or G+, he'll #Joshify your photos, too.

The deadline for post-ride donations is 15JUL15. Any amount helps – small donations are the bulk of what I've raised so far. +Team RED Chicago is hoping to exceed our team goal of $65,000, and I'm hoping to exceed my personal goal of $2900.00

I hope my other teammates don't get infected. 😉 The #ArmyofJosh is irresistible! He uses an app called Juxtaposer to insert his picture, which was taken at a family dinner when we gave him the Tour jersey and cycling cap. He rocks that look, and raised more than a thousand dollars in a week after all his friends donated money just to see what he'd do to their pictures.

See re-direct link to my fundraising page at http://gplus.ridewithginny.com

My cover picture is #Joshified until further notice! PLZ HALP!


In Album Tour De Cure Chicagoland – 40 Awesome Miles

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