We All Tumblog Down

Finally… finally. It’s working, now that I’ve finally figured out where the tags go. I did have to replace WP’s the_title tag with Woo Tumblog’s tag, but I didn’t fully replace the entire line and permalink.

Will need to figure out how to style the Links, Quotes, Video etc. tumblog archive links with a background image for each. Currently, if a post is a “link” post, the title link is replaced by the tumblog link, with a text link above to the “link” archive (or quotes, or whatever). I’d rather that word was replaced by the icon, but will have to figure it out later.

The icons I’d like to use are:


for Link, Article, Quote, Audio, Image, and Video respectively.

In the meantime, I’ve got Press This Reloaded, a plugin that extends the standard Press This bookmarklet, tweaked a bit for my desktop and tweaked slightly differently for the iPhone. There’s still some kind of problem with getting Press This to work well on the iPhone, but I’ve got something cobbled together. What’s more, the tumblog functions are accessible from the same window. So look for more actual short-form blogging during the day now that I have a way to grab links easily again, but not so much incessant sharing.

And now I must get to sleep, before I tumblog down in a stupor. Sorry for the boringness, tra la la!

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