Reclaiming The Color Pink

March 7, 2009 (#87)- The Girls vs. Boys Show
Originally aired March 22, 2008

Meghan Vigeant – Independent producer, USA

There’s no color more polarizing than pink. Some girls love it, some girls hate it. Some boys outwardly despise it, while secretly wishing they could wear it. There’s nothing lukewarm about pink.
– Ibid

I’m of the opinion that pink stinks. I’ve always hated the color, but many women (and Second Life female avatars) are really into pink. I’ve collected a fairly large wardrobe on Second Life, mostly by picking up free items in online treasure hunts, and recently I picked up a ton of red and pink stuff because it was a seasonal Valentine’s Day hunt all during the month of February. I had deleted a lot of girly junk, but kept a couple of outfits either because they actually were pretty and I could see myself wearing them at an event, or because they were so ridiculously over the top that they’d be good for a “costume contest” entry.

Then I got a message from an acquaintance whose moniker always includes variations on a nickname, Super Pink Thing. This time, she was announcing “come follow the Super Pink Bunneh down the rabbit hole” for a garden tea party. So I thought, what the hell, I have some crazy neko-style pink outfit I picked up in the hunt. And you know, I won some virtual dollars in either the “prettiest” or the “most surreal” as a runner-up, but of course the winner of the latter contest was the stack of rotating, color-changing hula hoops over my shoulder. The tunes the Bunneh played were amazing – a great mix of unexpected greats.

It was a great time, and I enjoyed wearing pink for it, but I probably won’t wear the color pink – ever – in real life. But I suppose I can reclaim it for my virtual life, maybe, I guess. I’m allowed to be girlier there, you know.

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