Sunday: Radio Daze

We returned home from Kona to Chicago yesterday, taking an overnight flight so that we arrived yesterday morning at about 530AM. The last time I took a red-eye, I went straight to bed and was wide awake all night, so David advised me to stay up all day and not even nap until 9PM.

Well, I made it to about noon, kept sliding sideways on the couch, and finally gave up and went upstairs. I did turn on the radio, though, thinking that I’d only “nap” for a couple of hours and “listen” to WBEZ’s Sunday programming.

Hah. Well, I was kind of in a pleasant daze all afternoon. I was definitely out like a light bulb from noon until about 2pm, when I heard the jazzy signature tune for “On the Media.” I pretty much listened with half an ear (and about a quarter of a brain” until David came upstairs with a little something to eat.


2:00pm On the Media
A probing look at media issues of the day.
3:00pm Speaking of Faith
A thoughtful exploration of religion and spirituality.
4:00pm All Things Considered
An afternoon newsmagazine featuring a mix of interviews, commentaries, reviews and offbeat features–from around the world, and in and around Chicago.
5:00pm Fresh Air
Interviews with fascinating people about contemporary arts and issues.
6:00pm Latino USA
News, public affairs and trends with a Latino perspective.
6:30pm BBC Science in Action
A weekly look at science stories in and behind the news from around the world.
7:00pm To the Best of Our Knowledge
An audio magazine of ideas and stories

The BBC Science show was particularly nice to “listen” to, as the announcer had a pleasant, soothing accent and I could kid myself that it was Science and therefore not Nap Background Noise. I have no idea what it was about, but it seemed interesting at the time.

The funny thing is, I remember hearing bits and pieces of all these programs, perhaps because the transitions brought me closer to full consciousness.

Yeah, right.

But I got a good night’s sleep (in spite of Riley’s insistent head-butting, as he was busy welcoming us home all night). He’s still rapturously affectionate this evening; I expect the real Cat Punishment happens tonight.

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