Actually, It’s Possible To Have Fun In Utah


And about 10-15 years ago, I would have been able to keep up with them for a while (not the running, but the drinking)((well, maybe the running for a while, but I was only good for about 3-4 miles))

I wonder if my niece Holly would fit in with this group? Quite possibly. Must ask her about this.

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One thought on “Actually, It’s Possible To Have Fun In Utah

  1. You’re too young to remember “beer ball”. It was a tradition with the cousins and their roudy friends. There is nothing like trying to manage a baseball bat and a bucket of beer, having to drink from the bucket before you could hit the ball. Everyone had a bucket and you had to drink befour you could pitch, bat, run, catch… etc. There was a wonderful collision at 2nd base and a lot of beer was spilled, bloody knees and arms and two drunks laying on the ground laughing!! Yes, you can have fun in Utah!!!