Traveling along, we’re Adventurers

Right. There is no (or very little) shame here. So the photo album for some of our recent trips is available for viewing. One album is a trip to Dizzyworld back in June for David's birthday, and includes shots from early in the trip showing smiling happy faces, and shots from late in the trip showing the horrors of blistered feet, heat rash, and extremely unflattering perspective shots meant to show how utterly tired and miserable we were. And yes, we had an awesome time – the Adventurer's Club was the best (and now that I've said that, that damn song is playing in my head again). The other album is the September trip to Great Britain (which was England and Scotland, but unfortunately not Ireland or Wales). I kept a diary for the whole trip, along with a bunch of crap ^H^H^H^H receipts and booklets and ticket stubs that someday might be used for background graphics someday.

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