The FOX Primary: Worst In The Nation

Fox News personalities believe the August 6 Fox News debate is supplanting Iowa and New Hampshire as the first Republican presidential contest. The debate's 10-candidate limit places Fox News in a gatekeeper role, with candidates jostling for airtime on the network to better their chances of making the debate stage.

Forget Iowa And New Hampshire: Fox News Says Qualifying For Its Debate Is The First Real Contest

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2 thoughts on “The FOX Primary: Worst In The Nation

  1. If that's what they have in mind, they should probably just limit the field to one candidate and give Ted Cruz two hours of time by himself. Oh wait, they do that all the time already. Nevermind.

  2. What's all this fuss about the GOP Cloud Car? Clouds are soft, and fluffy, and bring us rain! They have extra storage for pictures of cats and videos of racing Corgis! Clouds make paintings pretty! They are harmless and… what?

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