Top Gear: If Clarkson Gets Sacked

… who would I like to see take the wheel? Rowan Atkinson could be simultaneously funny, competent in a serious car, and terrified if stuck in the passenger seat next to The Stig. Or Sabine Schmitz, a German driver-presenter who's appeared on the show, is sarcastically funny and has the chops to leave the old boys behind.

Distant third: Tanner Foust, the Top Gear America driver, who would drive the English insane with his driving trucks but just isn't funny enough. He was on the show recently driving a rally car extremely well, but not saying very much and staying well out of the banter-channel.

Who could replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?
Jodie Kidd, Chris Evans, Stephen Fry and even Alan Partridge have all been touted as possible new hosts. But only one star has what it takes …

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