Sitting All Day? Head-To-Toe Tips For A Healthier Workstation – The Huffington Post

By now we’re sure you know that sitting all day isn’t doing your health any favors.
Spending too much time seated at a desk has been linked to all sorts of negative health effects, like an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and, yes, even death.

Link: Sitting All Day? Head-To-Toe Tips For A Healthier Workstation – The Huffington Post

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2 thoughts on “Sitting All Day? Head-To-Toe Tips For A Healthier Workstation – The Huffington Post

  1. Sitting ALL DAY at my Desk has led to yet another Blood Clot in my Leg! The first one was from Flying on Commercial Airplanes 3-4 times a week from 2-4-6 hours at at flight and back home again. Sitting all cramped up and poor circulation has stopped me from flying so much these days. The FIRST blood clot was very very painful. It SHOWS UP in your KNEE. As if you have done damage to your knee. Your inside thigh can be HOT and very PAINFUL to the slightest touch. Your pant leg can be painful to touch the area.

    This time it was different. I could actually feel and see the effected area! Came on over night after an 8 hour day at my desk. Of course I panic and run to the hospital hoping I wont throw a clot into my lungs or heart as Im driving to the ER. I get there and they RUSH me into see the doctor. At the same time my wife is on her way from her job to “Take Care of Me”. Or, be there when I die. I think she was hoping for the later. Because it totally ruined her day. So, Im there going through the common things, check-in, blood drawn, IV placed in me and the doctor shows up and he’s pressed now because I have beome his 12 patient for that time period. Great. He orders a Sonogram. Normal thing to do Ive already had it done once before and they did find a Deep Vein Thrombosis. Those are the BAD ones. So, this time my wife makes it to the hospital and she’s like….”Where is my Husband?” Is he in Sugery, where have you put him I need to see him NOW!” I can hear her 22 rooms and 3 halls away. Finally she arrived to my room as the nurse is wheel me, bed and all down to the Sonogram room for my tests. My wife holding my hand telling me not to worry that WE had been through this before and would make it again! OK, Im thinking when it comes time to STICK that NEEDLE in OUR STOMACH who will do it? Since YOU CANT? Yep once a day for 1 year a shot in your STOMACH…and its not as bad as it sounds. BUT, its really spooky. I digress. We arrive and the Sonogram Tech steps out from behind her WALL…OMG. Its a tall leggy Blonde woman. And of course, she had to be big chested and COLD all thrown into one. And also very friendly. “How are you today Dave?” Im fine and tell her what I think is going on….she’s glad to know that I know whats about to take place…MORE PAIN. So, she asked my wife to step out..She refused and sat there. The TECH said OK here we go and got out that large bottle of sticky blue Goo and proceeded to squirt it on my leg from my knee to my inner crotch. YEP.,INNER..INNER Crotch. “Hey, my wife said softly..” “Ive got to get a look at his entire vein, said the Tech. “Well, as long as its only his vein, you are messing with,” my wife said curtly back. The Tech acted as though she didn’t even hear her and proceeded to check me out punching buttons and pushing that probe deep into my leg. Finally, she gets to the GOOD parts and she simply PULLS my Gown and 2 bed sheets over my lap. There I am totally naked and a Blonde and my wife in the same room. All three of us looking at my package. OMG, my wife said pull that back. She is speaking to me.. The Tech said dont touch that and I am a professional. The Tech then Winks at me, my wife sees it and the Tech softly tells me I have a nice body! Of course the wife ALSO hears it and this is while the Tech has her wand right under my,,,,err body, flopping and flipping it out of the wands way. Im thinking, BASEBALL, FAT UGLY WOMEN, anything but this cute blonde woman playing with my stuff!! AND it seems to be to get back at my wife. Finally the tech just slowly reaches over with her GLOVED HAND and picks my manhood UP and away so she can finish her test. ALL the while she is actually holding me to keep ME out of HER way and out of the way of her wand. AND OF COURSE I began to react. Who wouldnt? Its cold in that room for a reason and she has her soft warm hand around me and a few seconds later I am fully standing up to salute the flag. SHOOT..and the wife has a front row view. “You did that on Purpose You put his Penis DOWN RIGHT NOW YOU TRAMP’. With that they both square off at each other. BUT, now I notice that the TECH has a very FIRM GRASP on me and its starting to hurt. AND all the while she is still running her tests. “TEST OVER” she states as IF NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED.! I will be telling your supervisor what you just did, growls my wife and with that the Tech turns to me and again says..Nice Body, but you seem to be a grower not a shower.” and walks out.

    I have not heard the last of that to take place this morning. My wife is STILL complaining and blaming ME!!! “You must have come on to her or said something to her to get her to play with you.” She’s in the room with me the entire time and I never spoke. Amazing the trouble you can get into just getting a test performed for a blood clot.

  2. Next time you have to fly on business, try sharing this story with HR to request premium seating… No wait, tell your travel agent… No wait… Hmm! There’s no way to tell this story without getting into further trouble!

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