PayPal For Paul? Time To Find An Alternative

Holy Jeebus! Time to find an alternative to PayPal ASAP!!

In the race for the Republican presidential nomination, only one candidate remains to challenge presumptive nominee Mitt Romney: Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Even Paul has said he will no longer campaign in states that have yet to hold their primaries. And Paul has always been considered a long shot to win. But that hasn’t deterred many of his hard-core supporters, including the Silicon Valley billionaire who has bankrolled the superPAC backing Paul.

Peter Thiel is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal. He hit the jackpot again when he gave Mark Zuckerberg the money to launch Facebook.

Further revelations in the article: Thiel is apparently the poster child for cognitive dissonance, as he’s both gay AND Republican, and a financial supporter of GOProud. I’d feel sorry for him, hanging out with people who hate his “lifestyle choice,” but he’s also a longtime contrarian asshole.

Link: With Eye On Future, Billionaire Investor Bets On Paul : NPR

Among the alternatives: I might check out American Express’s Serve

Serve is a next-generation digital payments platform that helps you organize your money, send and receive funds, and manage payment requests — all from a single, unified online account. Serve makes paying and being paid simple.

Best of all, we’re provided by American Express. That means Serve uses American Express security, technology, and data protection, giving you confidence whether you’re shopping online or sending money to a friend.

Okay, trustworthy, check. I, uh, have some history with American Express ::cough cough:: so already I’m reassured. There’s a comparison chart on that page, too.

I need some method to do online payments occasionally, so Serve might serve. I refuse to let my microscopically small transactions subsidize ultra-conservative crackpots.

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