A Romney Presidency? Profiles In Porridge

Believe that, as President, Mitt Romney would revert to his days as a “Massachusetts Moderate?” Think again.

Every bit of evidence indicates that if he were President, the Far Right would lead Romney around by a ring in his nose.

Just last week, we saw it clearly on display. It didn’t take but two weeks for the Far Right to force the Romney campaign to sever its ties with openly gay Richard Grinnell, who it had hired as its foreign policy spokesman. The campaign itself argued that it had begged Grinnell to stay. But right wing talk show host Brian Fischer of the American Family Association, who had led the drive to force Grinnell’s resignation, declared it a major victory.

Every time I hear Mitt Romney’s voice, I cringe. He sounds so… insincere. So desperately eager to say the thing he thinks his audience wants to hear. Everything he says sounds like the political equivalent to Sally Field’s famous “you like me, you really like me” Oscar acceptance speech.

Having seen many references to his tendency to change position about as often as a windsock – in other words, wherever the political winds are blowing – the thought of a Romney presidency horrifies me. Not because I think he’s a bad guy, but because I know that he’ll do everything to court the favor and support of the batshit-insane right wing of the Republican Party. He’s completely mealy-mouthed, with convictions the consistency of lukewarm porridge.

If he gets in the White House, it’s not going to be pretty watching what happens to civil rights, the environment, privacy rights, the economy,  and the separation of church and state. Not pretty at all.

It’ll be Bush II all over again, except much, much worse. Is that good for the country? No.

via Robert Creamer: If He Were President, the Far Right Would Lead Romney Around by a Ring in His Nose

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