Taking One For The Team

@NPR ‘s Linda Holmes watcthed the Super Bowl so I didn’t have to, and snarks bettter than I ever could.

Notable and Dubious Achievements From Super Bowl XLIV – Monkey See Blog : NPR.

It’s all over, and the New Orleans Saints — a team whose bags-over-the-head years I am not too old to remember — are the Super Bowl champions. Now that the big trophy has been handed out, let’s distribute some of the smaller ones.

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One thought on “Taking One For The Team

  1. As for me — I’m glad the Saints won! I was really hoping the Vikings would make it but that didn’t happen. So, you root for the underdog and they did it!!! And on to next year. Utah may be in the Pac 10. Wouldn’t that be interesting! Go Utes!!! Screw BYU!!

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