Eugene Levy steps out of his comfort zone in The Reluctant Traveler | Boing Boing Well here’s something I didn’t know I needed in my life that I now need in my life. A new series is coming to Apple TV+ where the infamously indoorsy Eugene Levy is sent on wild adventures around the world. This is a guy who hates to even get his hair wet. I think…
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Taking One For The Team

@NPR ‘s Linda Holmes watcthed the Super Bowl so I didn’t have to, and snarks bettter than I ever could.

Notable and Dubious Achievements From Super Bowl XLIV – Monkey See Blog : NPR.

It’s all over, and the New Orleans Saints — a team whose bags-over-the-head years I am not too old to remember — are the Super Bowl champions. Now that the big trophy has been handed out, let’s distribute some of the smaller ones.